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Latest Pakistan Navy Jobs October 2022

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The Pakistan Navy, or PN, is an all-male branch of the Pakistani Armed Forces. It is responsible for defending the country's territorial integrity and protecting its maritime interests. In addition, the navy maintains a reserve force to conduct counter-terrorism and humanitarian missions at the nation's discretion. Apart from defending Pakistan's interests, the navy also conducts educational and public outreach programs in rural communities under the slogan of 'Sarhad Nahi Jivan (Not a Soldier, but a Citizen)' to promote nationalistic values and patriotism among its members.

Organization: Pakistan Navy
Position: Sailor
Experience: Mentioned in image below
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Job Location: Pakistan
Last Date to Apply: 16 October 2022
Published Date: 02 October 2022

On September 11, 1971, Pakistan became an independent nation with its navy joining the ranks of the Pakistani Armed Forces. As a result, the navy quickly expanded its facilities and capacities. The navy soon joined international missions like UN peacekeeping forces to demonstrate their status as an active member of the United Nations. In addition, the navy actively participates in regional security organizations like the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC and SAARC. This allows Pakistan to maintain strong bilateral relationships with other nations while maintaining security within its geographical boundaries.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a navy job, applicants must be at least 18 years old and have served at least 2 years in an armed force before applying. Candidates must also pass a written test on naval terminology along with an oral test on naval history to become commissioned officers in the PN. For general service positions, applicants must also have letters of recommendation from commanding officers or senior non-commissioned officers in their branch. Throughout training, candidates are taught naval history and naval regulations to become well-versed in navy roles and responsibilities before being commissioned as midshipmen. Midshipmen become subchroniclers after completing their training by passing additional examinations and training courses.

PN relations are important to world peace and stability because of Pakistan's strategic location on the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman. These waterways connect Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to main worldwide markets via Arabian Sea ports such as Chittagong in Bangladesh and Port Sudan in Sudan. Additionally, Pakistan has one of the largest navies in South Asia due to its status as a two-navy nation with India. Regular exercises with Indian navy forces enhance both countries' sea power capabilities, which benefits regional security. Furthermore, supporting NATO operations in Afghanistan on behalf of USA strengthens Islamabad's relationship with its ally against common enemies - terrorism and extremism - within its own borders.

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The Pakistani Navy is an active part of Pakistan's defense system that promotes patriotism and good relations with other nations through military contributions and education programs. As such, it is essential that all citizens understand the aspirations of this male-only branch of the PAF.

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